Leading to Management Consulting Institute Level 1 certification (upon passing examination)


Complex problem solving is becoming a critical skill in demand for the future*, as we prepare for Industry Revolution 4.0. Indeed, the core of world-class managers and consultants is addressing unstructured problems, ambiguity and dynamic changes associated with IR 4.0.

The top skills most desired by organisations today are problem solving, team working, communications and critical thinking, which are the focus areas of this Level 1 certification programme.

You will learn tools designed by professional consultants to help you be a trusted advisor, use structured thinking, get quality outputs and build compelling presentations.





The Level 1 certification programme is designed for managers, employees and teams who need structured methodology in facilitating organisational change:

  • Change agents: Bringing their organisation to the next level and business success
  • Corporate, regional or global leads: Building a culture of structured thinking and communications
  • Managers and project or technical leads: Developing advanced skills in logical thinking, problem solving and communications


At the end of this workshop, participants would be able to:

  • Identify the key problem affecting their business area
  • Design an approach to solve that problem
  • Know how to get resources and commitment to get a project started
  • Manage individuals, teams and key stakeholders to execute projects
  • Communicate with key stakeholders to drive decisions and actions

Participants will develop mastery of Four Core Competencies of a World-Class Consulting Professional:

Create Focus, Impact and Clarity

Structure is the essence of everything management consultants do. It drives their communication style, problem-solving methodology, and behavioural characteristics. Logic helps consultants approach complex and frequently ambiguous issues with systematic precision.

Create Performance and Efficiency

Management consultants consistently work with diverse, cross-functional teams. The ability to work well on teams involves understanding when to lead and when to follow, managing competing motivations and learning styles, and driving performance with appropriate metrics.

Create Strong, Trusting Business Relationships

Establishing trust and build relationships with clients and co-workers is essential to success. Being a valuable management consultant means being a trusted advisor who honours agreements and utilizes positive interpersonal skills to develop relationships.

Create a Common Language for Problem Solving

To be effective, it is important to know the language, tools and frameworks used by consultants and business leaders. Mastering these will enable participants to skilfully synthesize information from all a variety of business and consulting insight.


3 days, starting at 9a.m. and ending at approximately 5p.m.


The Level 1 certification workshop will cover:

Professional Behaviour and Ethics

The focus of this section is on the code of conduct instructed at Arthur D. Little. Participants learn professional behaviour and ethics needed to make a lasting impression on clients and establish long-term credibility.

Pyramid Principle

The Pyramid Principle is a powerful thinking process designed to structure questions, research, analysis and communication. It can be used in everything from day-to-day communication to formal writing and communication. Participants will learn the Situation, Complication, and Key Question (SCQ) methodology instructed by Barbara Minto from McKinsey & Co. This section provides participants with a methodology to create the structure needed to organize data and determine the client’s Key Question.

Problem Definition and Issues Analysis

Apply Issues Analysis and Pyramid Principle techniques to answer the Key Question, create a workplan and framework to solve client’s Key Question and properly allocate resources to deliver a consulting-level solution to the client’s problem.

Data Gathering and Analysis

Use both primary and secondary methods for gathering data, carry out interviews and incorporate the findings into the presentation

Creating Professional Findings and Recommendations Presentation

Communicate effectively—build and deliver a compelling presentation. Participants will learn how build presentation slides and create a compelling story-line based on their SCQ, Issues Analysis and work-plan.

Certification Workshop

Revise key concepts, familiarise with the exam format, and prepare for MCI Level 1 exam.

MCI Level 1 Examination

Take the two-hour online exam, comprising of 100 multiple choice questions. (Please bring own laptop.)

Next Steps

Put learning into action and start building your community of practice. Prepare for Level 2 certification (optional).






  • An end-to-end structured approach to problem solving—from identifying the root cause to Client or Stakeholder communications.
  • A robust, comprehensive and practical methodology designed by consultants for consultants, taught at universities at MBA/ DBA level
  • People-centric approach to engage with and address the Client’s key issue through team collaboration
  • Globally recognised certification and pathway to professionalism in management consulting




The methodology taught in the MCI Level 1 certification workshop applies to Level 2 certification, which is an action project that builds on the learnings of Level 1. Participants can be certified in Level 2 by completing a live action project, making a business presentation and submitting a report.



The Management Consulting Institute (MCI) is a global non-profit organization founded by a group of industry professionals and management consultants from around the world. Our mission is to contribute to excellence in the management consulting field by promoting standards and connecting experts and practitioners in a professional community.

Fee (claimable under HRDF SBL-KHAS)

  • Regular: RM4,600*
  • Early bird: RM3,900*

* The fee includes MCI Level 1 certification exam (certificate will only be awarded upon passing the exam).

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