Locals for Global Leadership

We enable leaders to discover and articulate their value proposition—gaining an edge in the global marketplace. We offer programmes that influence mindsets and behaviours—driving innovation and cultural transformation in organisations.

Globally-recognised certifications

Management Consulting Certification

  • Develop advanced skills in critical thinking, complex problem solving and structured communications.
  • Get a globally-recognised certification from the Management Consulting Institute, Boston, USA.

Innovation Certification

  • Identify new areas for business growth and achieve innovation breakthroughs.
  • Get a globally-recognised certification from the Global Innovation Management Institute, Boston, USA.

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Organisational Transformation

Looking to:
  • build high-performance teams?
  • promote diversity and inclusion?
  • cultivate a positive work environment?
Chat with us on how we can support your organizational transformation initiative. Our consultants have successfully led international projects on: