Get back to business safely by implementing innovative solutions




  • Map each stakeholder interaction and journey—from suppliers to employees and customers—and identify unsafe and safe practices
  • Leverage insights to develop SOPs and solutions to transform your business and operational model
  • Collaborate with colleagues to build competitive advantage for your organisation

Save LIVES & LIVELIHOODS: Keep stakeholders safe & the economy running


COVID-19 has hit the business hard: Orders are cancelled, cashflow is tight. How do we overcome this crisis? Apart from keeping our distance, washing hands, and wearing masks, there is no systematic approach to identifying problems and finding solutions.


We offer a software-based support system to get your business back on track. Combining strategy, innovation and access to emerging technologies, you can be back in business within weeks—operating with cutting edge technologies and processes that allow you to operate safely and profitably.

We need to overcome the FEAR of ALL STAKEHOLDERS

Target Audience

Those who need to develop safe processes and new approaches to engage stakeholders such as

  • Business owners and directors
  • Functional leaders from operations, HR, supply chain, health and safety, sales and customer service etc
  • Programme or project managers and subject matter experts such as business continuity, change management etc
  • Government and agency officers

Programme Objectives

  1. Identify the stakeholders you interact with along your value chain—your customers, employees and suppliers
  2. Identify the unsafe processes along your value chain and prioritize them by highest risk
  3. Identify solutions and emerging technologies that you can implement to transform your critical unsafe processes into safe ones
  4. Connect with companies that can sell you the solutions you need to implement, then implement your new-normal processes that enable you to get up and running profitably
  5. Break silos and collaborate with colleagues to identify new ideas and approaches to build competitive advantage for your organization

Lead your organisation forward

Programme Benefits

Gain competitive advantage as you kick start your business safely and strategically in the new normal

  • Access global data base of innovative solutions and connect with companies that offer technological solutions
  • Get personal with every stakeholder as you identify each persona, map each persona’s journey with the company, risks and solutions for everyone
  • Collaborate across silos to identify solutions that will get your organisation operating successfully in the new normal
  • Work and edit the information as situation changes and download reports in PowerPoint for leadership presentations

We need innovative solutions beyond the obvious Six-Feet-Apart solutions that are safe, low-cost & actionable and help differentiates from competition


For each stakeholder, we will create a range of personas and develop solutions to be able to get back to business safely

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For each unsafe process, we find solutions from our global database of beyond six-feet-apart solutions that are low-cost and easy to implement

Collaborate with up to 5 co-workers online using our software


  • Participate in an online workshop
  • Collaborate with colleagues using the software
What Attend 2 days online workshop (total 7 hours) Get 6 months access to software (self-learning) Get additional 1 year access to work (view-only)
Why Familiarise with the process and concepts, get hands-on practice Collaborate with colleagues and work on your company’s processes Back up materials and resources
  • Discover steps to win in the new normal
  • Get instructions on how to use the software
  • Practise with the software applying key learnings on a case study
  • Create multiple company projects in parallel
  • Download all work in PowerPoint, plus performance review and monitoring scorecards
  • Access database of different journey maps and sol
  • utions that can be used to stimulate discussions
  • View work that has been done and download reports



Winning in the new normal:

  • Identifying solutions beyond the normal “Six-feet apart” solutions
10am-11am Introduction to case study and software

Hands-on software application:

  • Company and CEO alignment
  • Identify key personas
9am-9:30am Recap of Day 1 and Q&A
Overview of Day 2 agenda

Hands-on software application:

  • Map unsafe journeys
  • Solutions Brainstorming: Make unsafe journeys safe
  • Implementation plan
11am-12:30pm Report preparation and presentation

Participants are requested to login to the webinar platform 15 minutes earlier.

A certificate of completion will be issued upon submission of report and presentation of case study.


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Create multiple campaigns

Create multiple personas and journey maps for different stakeholders

Add steps for the journey map, modify them and assign safety ranking to all steps

Brainstorm solutions or view our database of different journey maps and solutions that can be used to stimulate discussions

Download all work in PowerPoint as well as performance review and monitoring scorecards

Case Study: Borneo Eco Tours

Locals for Global Leadership

About Clarus Consulting

Clarus Consulting Sdn Bhd (1233574-V) is a certified training provider of the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) and partner of IXL Center, a leading innovation management consulting group based in MA, USA. Clarus Consulting is also a member of the GIMI global Think Tank board that is helping companies around the world to get back to business safely.