Innovation Catalyst

Running for the second year, in partnership with the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC). Are you seeking to introduce an innovative thinking mindset for your startup or organization? This 2-day session will introduce new approaches to gathering business insights and solving problems creatively. Learn how to innovate along the entire value chain as we cover topics as diverse as production, offerings, delivery, markets and business models – to help you stay ahead of the market and your competitors. The course leverages the framework of the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI), leading to Level 1 certification.

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Management of Change/ Appreciative Inquiry/ Culture Transformation

Changing the conversation from “If it’s not broken why fix it” to “Fixing it before it gets broken” and ultimately “Making it the best ever!” Start with a diagnosis of the organisation and external environment, then plan for sustainable change. Another revolutionary approach is to discover the organisation’s life-giving force and amplifying the strengths of the people and ecosystem. The framework is also taught at HELP University as part of the MBA programme.

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Scenario Planning

Scenarios enable an organisation to see and connect to a range of plausible potential futures, create several alternatives futures to test, facilitate outside-in thinking to better understand the external forces shaping the future, and encourage out-of-the-box thinking to anticipate unexpected risks and opportunities. Learn the powerful tool and process of scenario planning, and start to explore alternative and prepare action plans for the futures. The learn-by-doing and interactive two-day workshop incorporates live case study of a participant’s company/organization.

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Leadership Communications

Learn and master the core skills of leadership communication necessary to achieve excellence in your business or workplace. The comprehensive framework and practical courses of Leadership Communications offer a solid foundation of guiding principles, tools and company best practices – helping leaders to articulate their value proposition, strategise and plan communication needs, develop succinct messaging, deliver compelling presentations, and build engagement with stakeholders.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovative Thinking

Kick start innovative thinking for entrepreneurs, business owners and university students with mini workshops and 1-day courses. Workshops are organised with partners such as MaGIC and universities.

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