Management Consulting Certifications

Structured Problem Solving and Communication | Consulting Process and Contexts | Professional Behaviors and Ethics

Learn the unique power of structured problem solving to become a world-class manager or management consultant.

The Management Consulting (MCI) Certification Programme is designed to build competencies in critical management consulting skills including structured thinking and communication, project process, professional and ethical behavior, and team leadership.

MCI offers four levels of certification using a combination of studying theory and action learning.

Management Consulting Certification Workshop
Leading to Management Consulting Institute Level 1 Certification

Complex problem solving is becoming a critical skill in demand for the future*, as we prepare for Industry Revolution 4.0. Indeed, the core of world-class managers and consultants is addressing unstructured problems, ambiguity and dynamic changes associated with IR 4.0. The top skills most desired by organisations today are problem solving, team working, communications and critical thinking, which are the focus areas of this Level 1 certification programme. You will learn tools designed by professional consultants to help you be a trusted advisor, use structured thinking, get quality outputs and build compelling presentations.

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Clarus Consulting is the certified training provider of MCI in Malaysia and South East Asia

MCI brochure

“Today, many companies need people that are able to see the big picture, make recommendations and execute plans. The MC Institute Certification program helped me structure any problem, ask the right questions and present solutions in a simple and powerful way.”


Benefits of certification

Students and Professionals

MCI training and certification is designed to put students and professionals in touch with companies that are looking for highly-qualified and MCI certified talent. By receiving MCI certification, you will:

  • Connect with top management consulting and other companies by uploading your resume to MCI online database
  • Set yourself apart from other job candidates with certification from the Management Consulting Institute
  • Increase the value of your personal brand on social networks


MCI certification was designed to help companies quickly fill positions that require highly qualified individuals that have a proven track record of success through a rigorous certification process. By certifying your workforce or posting new job positions on MCI, you will:

  • Connect with qualified candidates by posting your job openings to our online database.
  • Continue to develop your workforce and provide them with the tools to tackle increasingly complex problems.


Think critically, solve problems effectively and deliver compelling presentations.