Innovation Certifications

Globally recognized | Improved job readiness | Increased marketability

Join the ranks of more than 10,000 MBA students and professionals worldwide who have developed mastery in innovation through the structured frameworks and processes of the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI).

The Innovation Certification Programme is designed for anyone who wants to broaden their capabilities in innovation, build a career in innovation, or help their organisation become a leader and high performer in both the creation and capture of business value via business innovation and innovation strategies.

Certified professionals will gain insights around new approaches to many different functional areas of a business, including marketing, technology, finance and sales. GIMI certifies individuals at four levels of innovation proficiency:

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GIMI brochure

“GIM Institute’s Certification Program highlights the importance to stay on the top of innovation.
It has helped me tremendously in getting my current job at Verizon.”

Stefan Schmitt
Strategy and Business Incubation

Four levels of certification

Level 1


Level 1 certification is designed to teach you about the use of idea generation tools – how you could apply them to process of creating more and better ideas (or “dots”).

You will also learn the components of innovation process, and practise creating your own or team’s innovation breakthroughs.

Level 2


Level 2 certification will bring together level 1 learning to be applied to a real-world

To attain this certification, you will need to submit for approval a project that applies both idea generation tools and components of innovation breakthrough process.

Level 3


Level 3 certification is designed to help innovation manager or business manager succeed in the area of innovation strategy, innovation capacity and innovation discipline.

You will learn the components of each of the three core competencies of innovation management, and practise them.

Level 4


Level 4 certification will bring together Level 3 learning to be applied to a real-world issue/challenge.

To attain this certification, you will need to submit for approval a project that applies the tools, concepts and frameworks learned and then come up with solutions in managing innovation in organisations.

Benefits of Certification

  • Globally recognized – GIMI credential is the only designed specifically for innovation and globally recognized.
  • Universal innovation skills – Relevant worldwide, giving individuals the flexibility to use their knowledge, skills and competencies everywhere regardless of job responsibilities or career levels.
  • Increased marketability – Certified individuals represent a unique cadre of trained innovators with proven innovation ability to manage innovation across and beyond the organisation.
  • Improved job readiness – Development of knowledge, skills, and confidence to innovate.
  • Like-minded community – Access to the GIMI’s global network and certified professionals.

Get certified as an INNOVATION EXPERT

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