Certificate in Leadership Communications

Strategic Communications | Leadership Presentations| Stakeholder Engagement

Learn and master the core skills of leadership communication necessary to achieve excellence in your business or workplace.

The comprehensive framework and practical courses of Leadership Communications offer a solid foundation of guiding principles, tools and company best practices – helping leaders to articulate their value proposition, strategise and plan communication needs, develop succinct messaging and presentations, cascade key messages, and build engagement with stakeholders.

The Leadership Communications programme includes 5 courses (classroom training), 1-1 coaching sessions and one project assessment/presentation. Each course can also be taken separately. The certificate will be awarded by Wawasan Open University upon successful completion of course and project assessment.

Awarded by Wawasan Open University

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Strategising and planning for targeted communications

Kick start your communications right: Strategize, plan, then execute.. Discover the communications needs of your organisation, find the business linkage, optimise channels of communications and meet stakeholder expectations. Set measures to help you gauge the effectiveness of your communication efforts.

Developing, delivering and reinforcing key messages

Key messages aid message recall. But how do you develop compelling key messages and manage the communications needs of different stakeholders? By mastering proven techniques, you can develop and deliver your points across. Learn to address negative or conflicting key messages.

Visual communications to the point

This is not a PowerPoint or Graphic Design course. On the contrary, it’s all about using PowerPoint to tell your story—using relevant visuals and streamlined text. Coach your senior leaders to cascade your messaging. Create compelling PowerPoint presentations that flow your ideas and articulate your value proposition. Your PowerPoint story: Gel it, tell it and sell it.

Influencing Senior Stakeholders into action

Communicating effectively with your boss and senior stakeholders is not only important for your career—it drives them into action and cascades your messaging. But how do you get your message across—your elevator pitch—in short time span?

Building long term relationships

More than ever, stakeholder scrutiny on the governance of organisations has intensified along with their influence— garnering public interest and shaping perception. Engaging with stakeholders— to resolve an issue, work on a project or build trust—is essential for business sustainability and growth.